Stanley MBX15 Breaker

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Stanley’s mounted breakers are designed and built to power through the most demanding tasks on the job-site. You are packing some serious force to break materials in a wide array of markets and applications. Stanley’s mounted products are available for all carrier classes.
Key Features
Advanced breaker design technology for output energy and efficiency.
Minimal moving parts, only two for less maintenance, better performance and less service.
Superior valve design for operation within a broader range of pressures and flows with less heat and stress on components.
Added steel reinforcement at lower end of housing to protect housing and power-cell.
Side-plate bolt locking system keeps bolts from loosening.
Lighter weight allowing choice of smaller carrier.
Supported power-cell by rubber cushions and urethane wear plates to absorb shock and vibration and reduce wear – MB556, MB656 and MBX15.
Box style housing – MB556, MB656 and MBX15.
Direct acting nitrogen chamber boosts the power of each hammer blow.